We are all living in a world, with people on the move looking for new ideas and challenges. In this respect we wish to remind you of our commitment to preserve the roots of the Muay Thai tradition and ask you to think about your own boxing environment.

Who is teaching you to make the right choices in order to challenge and to compete, to fight and to succeed with the right attitude? Do you show your teacher, your family and friends, and last but not least, your opponent in the ring, enough respect?

Using the right phrame of mind and the right quality standard of Thai Boxing Equiepment will help you to reach your goals. We sincerely hope you join us in our way of thinking and we will be proud to assist you to make the right choice of gloves, protection and fightwear to reach the level of real "fighting spirit"

Mr.Narong Wongprasertkan
(Chief Executive Officer)